The Best of British Ghosts by Summer Rose

Join author Summer Rose as she explores the haunted past and present of the British isles.

The Best of British Ghosts: Volume 1

Who is the helpful ghost at Hampton Court? How did a poltergeist cause the death of a child in the 1920s? What is the thing lurking in a royal hunting lodge?

With a mix of old and new stories, Summer Rose reveals the haunted past of the British isles, from grey ladies to screaming skulls. Each story reveals the eclectic and often turbulent past of Great Britain along with some of the historical characters who have shaped it and who have come back to haunt it.

This fascinating collection of true stories will send a shiver down the spine and make you think twice about turning off the lights tonight.

Best of British Ghosts: Volume 2

Who is the spectral peeping tom at a Scottish hotel? Why were paintings of crying children associated with a curse? What was behind the poltergeist activity at a farmhouse, and why was a County Council concerned about a musical ghost?

In this latest edition of spooky tales, Summer Rose brings together a selection of old and new true ghost stories. Legends of horror, sadness and mystery fill the pages and will keep you awake at night. Read on, if you dare!

Best of British Ghosts: Volume 3

Did a ghost push a woman to her death? Is it possible for a long-dead physician to heal a living person? What really haunts the ancient Ram inn?

In this third installment of true ghost stories, Summer Rose asks these questions and many more. She explores old castles and stately homes, pulling their secrets and their spectres out of the woodwork. She demonstrates that more spirits than are usually imagined lurk behind the bar at various British pubs and she explores forgotten legends of vampires and phantoms that bring doom to those they meet.

Bringing together both modern and historic tales of hauntings, this latest volume in the series will certainly give you something to think about and may even keep you awake at night.

Best of British Ghosts: Volume 4

What lurks at Windsor Castle and scared a royal guardsman into firing his gun at nothing? What causes a Russian Tsar to haunt an English hotel? Why was a long dead airman so determined to come back and clear his name? Who is the woman in the painting who haunts an old castle? And just why does an incontinent spirit haunt an eighteenth century stately home with his pungent aroma?

In this latest volume of spooky true stories, Summer Rose delves into cases old and new and sheds fresh light on classic stories of ghosts and ghouls. Dig deeper into the origins of these scary legends and learn the history behind the spooks, along with discovering why not every spectre is quite what they appear to be!

Best of British Ghosts: Volume 5

Did a dead murderer really appear in the eighteenth century to see that his victim’s body was found? Can a house become a ghost? Just how many ghosts of suicide victims haunt Southend Pier?

In this latest collection of true British ghost stories, Summer Rose explores these legends and many more. She asks just what makes a ghost, why some people came back after death and whether a childhood invisible friend could actually be a spirit. With both famous and little-known stories explored in-depth, there is something to give everyone a chill down the spine on a dark night.

Best of British Ghosts: Volume 6

What dark spirits roam the streets of Oxford and plague the students at the university? Why is a bare patch of grass in Suffolk known as ‘Kate’s Parlour’ and is the ghost who roams there a victim of murder? How did the last of the Stradling family meet his end and was it linked to the appearance of a hag?

In this latest collection of true ghost stories, Summer Rose explores further ancient British legends and unlocks the secrets of the past. A mixture of crime, history and the supernatural, these ghostly tales are sure to keep you awake at night!