Other Titles

A Girl Called Billie by Sophie Jackson

Captain Archibald Long is struggling to cope with ordinary life after the trials of the Great War when he comes across the vivacious actress Billie Charleton. Swept away by her zest for life, Long finds himself with a new purpose serving as her protector, while desperately hoping she will return his love for her.

But Billie’s circle of admirers is a dangerous place, full of rivalries and bitter jealousies. Everyone has their own reason for hanging around Billie and few have time for anyone who threatens their position. As Billie flits through the world of stage plays and movies, always looking for her next big part, the people around her fight to stay in her affection. But as death infiltrates the circle of admirers, so everyone begins to realise the true sacrifice of existing in Billie’s shadow.

Set in England between the two wars A Girl Called Billie is a story of love, death, jealousy and the fickleness of fame.

Raven’s Heart: The Legends of Pendarith by Sophie Jackson

It is ten years since the Sorcery Wars nearly destroyed the Kingdom of Pendarith. King Richelric III has declared that all the sorcerers were killed and that his Kingdom is now sorcery free. But legal cleric, Harl Redstaff, is not so sure. As he travels through Pendarith performing his duties he finds himself coming into contact with Ebony Dasenin, daughter of Lord Dasenin, and her talk of a strange curse befalling her family has all the hallmarks of sorcery about it. But the king has declared sorcery eradicated and defying him could lead to their execution.

To make matters worse, Lord Dasenin has vanished and there are fears among his neighbours that he has turned traitor, for King Richeleric’s brother is fomenting trouble and could spark a civil war. If Lord Dasenin, one of the most powerful lords in the land, has chosen to side with the usurper then all hell will break loose. Ebony Dasenin must find her father and prove that he is not a traitor, in the process demonstrating that sorcery is once more a threat to the Kingdom.
Along the way she must journey across a troubled land and find herself consorting with rogues and pirates to save her father. At her side, Harl Redstaff has only one concern, saving the Kingdom from the threat of war, in the form of civil strife or magical attack. While, at the same time, a shadow has fallen over him and madness eats at the corners of his mind.

In this, the first part of the Curse of Dasenin saga, Sophie Jackson creates a captivating world of fantasy and magic with a cast of colourful characters. A new epic is born.

The Barrow on the Hill by Victoria Hart

Charles Walton had never harmed anyone in his life. He was a well-liked old countryman known for his way with animals and belief in folk magic, so when he is found brutally murdered in a field on Valentine’s Day everyone is horrified by the crime. Who would want to kill Charles Walton? 

John Oakes, the village doctor, finds himself unwittingly embroiled in the crime when he is summoned from his bed to the dead Walton. But things are about to become very weird for the good doctor when he finds himself pursued by a large dog that vanishes into the night, and a mysterious man begins lurking about the village. There is talk of a mad man on the loose, and when people are attacked by the dog fears run wild.

Now Oakes is truly at the centre of the calamity as he tries to explain why the dog bites seem to be poisoning their victims and a new Police Inspector arrives from Scotland Yard. As it slowly becomes plain that these are not regular events and the supernatural becomes the focus of attention, Oakes becomes a target and has to take action to protect his own life.

But what has this to do with the barrow on the hill which has been recently robbed? Did Charles Walton know more than he was letting on? Could his death and the supernatural stranger be somehow connected?

Dr Oakes has to learn the truth fast, going against all his rational senses as he begins to unravel a complicated plot of murder, black magic and his own hidden past. Can Oakes solve the riddle before the stranger catches up with him? Can he save his own life while putting an end to the curse haunting Burnellstanton? Only time will tell…

The Syderstone Ghost by Victoria Hart

When Reverend Fourdrinier encounters his old curate in a Norfolk graveyard he doesn’t expect to be cast on a journey into the dark side of the supernatural, but that is precisely what occurs when he learns of the old legend of Syderstone parsonage. With an eccentric aunt demanding he investigate the story, Fourdrinier finds himself having to unravel the mysteries and misfortunes of his predecessors to learn what exactly happened in Syderstone centuries ago. But this is no idle quest, for an old evil is raising its ugly head and attempting to break free of its spiritual chains. If Fourdirnier doesn’t act fast chaos will be unleashed on the world, but as this evil force claims its first victims the good reverend realises this is not a battle he can fight in the land of the living alone…

Sent primarily in 1950s England, The Syderstone Ghost, reveals a complex story across four time periods, from the unsettled days of Tudor and Elizabethan England to the religiously confused age of the Victorians. Full of nail-biting suspense this very English horror story is definitely one to read with the lights on!

Blood Gardens: A Betsy Malone Mystery by Yolanda Rhodes

“My mother was a dancer. In general that is an easier way of introducing my life story than to say, ‘my mother was a vampire’. Both are true, however, the average ordinary soul would rather look askance at the latter statement and assume I was either insane, teasing, or something to do with the new age Goth movement. I am none of those. I am Betsy Malone, supernatural detective – in short, I investigate matters outside the remit of most police forces, private investigators and, well, outside most peoples’ imagination.”

Betsy Malone is a supernatural detective, investigating the things that normal detectives don’t touch. When vampires start to go missing, Betsy is asked to investigate and soon finds herself embroiled in a darker mystery than anyone had first envisioned. Assisted by the dashing, but reclusive, vampire Sebastian, and the ghost of the late police detective Alan Digby, she begins to unravel a conspiracy that has been going on for years. But while the vampire community is in turmoil, fearing their biggest secret might be revealed, there is worse to come for the human population when a feral vampire goes on the loose. Betsy has to use all her wits to track down the missing vamps and save them before more turn feral. Along the way she becomes involved with gangsters and murderers and upsets one of the most important men in the county. Can Betsy survive her biggest case, or will her enemies finally catch up with her?

Hocus Pocus: A Betsy Malone Mystery by Yolanda Rhodes

Betsy Malone doesn’t like black magic – its nasty and dangerous. But when a desperate wife asks her to help save her husband who seems to be under a witch’s curse, Betsy can’t turn her down. Unfortunately, nothing is as it seems as Betsy untangles a mess of unrequited love, academic plagiarism and jealousy leading her right back to the culprit behind the drama. Then Betsy interferes with the activities of a witches’ coven and finds herself on the verge of becoming a human sacrifice herself. Now she must deal with the witch coming after her. Can Betsy fight off the demons long enough to save her client, or is this one supernatural battle too far?

Jack of Hearts: A Regency Romance

Rosalind Conway is facing the unhappy prospect of marrying Lord Victor Blackthorn, a man she finds repugnant, but who has the wealth to save her family from destitution. But when Jacob Delevere, the disinherited grandson of Lord Delevere, steals her carriage and politely kidnaps her, Rosalind’s life changes for good.

Now she finds herself destined to marry a poverty-struck rogue who has Lord Blackthorn baying for his blood. Can she learn to trust the dashing, but irresponsible Jacob? More importantly, can she learn to love him?