Black Hearts and Bullets by Sebastian Jones

Three unlikely friends join forces in order to help bring down the Nazi Regime

Paris, France 1940. The Nazis are coming. Charlotte Guilliot and her father, Jean, flee Paris hours before it is occupied, carrying with them a suitcase full of precious Jewish documents. Saving lives, Monsieur Guilliot calls it. But this simple gesture of compassion is about to change the lives of 8 people forever.

They leave behind their friend Josef Bierstein. For the Jewish accountant Occupied Paris is a dangerous place. Forced to close his office he wonders how he will survive, when an unexpected encounter with the French Communist party leads him into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the Germans. Can Josef really take revenge against the Nazis for the millions of Jews they have imprisoned and killed? Or will he be yet one more casualty?

Meanwhile, on a rural farm, Charlotte continues her life, while her father plots their escape to England. But a twist of fate forces Monsieur Guilliot to leave his daughter behind and run for his life. Gestapo and SS are on his tail, a deadly combination intent on tracking down the erstwhile Parisian. Charlotte begins to realise her father is in deeper trouble than she ever imagined.

Her life too is under threat – a vindictive Nazi officer comes after her father and tries to rape her. Only the intervention of other German soldiers saves her from his hands, but the officer is killed and now Charlotte is culpable for his murder. Against her better judgement she must join forces with the three Germans who saved her life to flee France and escape the threat of torture and execution. Can Charlotte trust the enemy? Does she even have a choice? And where has her father gone? Will she ever see him again?

In this action-packed novel from Sebastian Jones journey through wartime France on a desperate race for survival ahead of the deadly forces of Hitler’s army. 

There is only one hope for making it out of the country alive – joining forces with the very enemy who intends to kill you…

Silver Tongues and Swastikas

After his swift escape from Nazi occupied Europe, former Wehrmacht soldier Klaus finds himself in the clutches of the British Intelligence Service and being made an offer he can hardly refuse. But does it make him a traitor to Germany by helping the British? Meanwhile, Charlotte Guilliot finds herself in Blitz damaged London, trying to find her father in the confusion and debris. But it seems Monsieur Guilliot does not want to be found, and the silence of authorities makes her suspicious that her father is in more trouble than she first thought. When a murder darkens her doorstep, the grim reality of her father’s past begins to sink in.

Across the ocean French Jew Josef is causing the Nazis a great deal of bother running a fledgling Resistance group. His activities draw the attention of General Charles de Gaulle, who makes the unprecedented move of commanding Josef to come to England where the Free French government-in-exile is holding court. Reluctantly Josef boards a British submarine, not realising his journey to England is about to take an unexpected turn.

With his friends scattered and his future fate in the hands of the British, Klaus joins a covert mission to the Isle of Sark, which is in the hands of Nazis. There he must trace a man with vital war secrets, who is believed to have defected to the Germans. Yet once on the isle complications quickly mount up, can Klaus juggle finding his man, rescuing an innocent from the clutches of the Germans and keeping the residents of Sark safe from reprisals, while being pursued by a GFP agent?

And then there is the terrible tragedy at sea, which throws more problems in his direction. Will Klaus ever get off Sark or is he doomed to fall into the hands of the Nazis just when he had escaped them?

The war is creeping into its second full year and former German soldier turned British agent, Klaus Ribbonkof, finds himself on a strange mission to neutral Ireland to investigate rumours of Nazi infiltration in the IRA. Sent to impersonate a German spy, he finds himself battling his conscience, as well as his own sense of self-preservation, to stay undercover. But the IRA is a far more complex monster than he had imagined and at every turn there are accomplices and traitors that could cost him his life.

Back in England, Charlotte Guilliot has her own mission to attend to. Becoming the first female recruit for SOE, she finds herself being assessed, along with a number of other candidates, at a secret location. Her ability to concentrate on the tests set for her is compromised by a mysterious midnight prowler determined to get into her room. Charlotte must deal with her own fears, along with proving herself to the men in charge of the facility.

Meanwhile, Josef Bierstein, the Jewish Resistance leader, is trapped in London at the whim of General Charles de Gaulle. Bounced from pillar to post, Josef must survive the London Blitz and find a way to get back to France, while dealing with the unexpected discovery that his good friend, Jean Guilliot, has lied to him for years about his business activities. Alone and penniless, Josef has to hope he can find a friend among the British authorities as soon as possible.

False Hope and Fascism

January 1941. A medical experiment is about to take place at the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford and SIS fear that there is a German sympathiser among the staff. Worried that British secrets might be leaked to the Germans, they send in a team of undercover agents, including Klaus, former Wehrmacht soldier and now a leading British agent. Accompanied by fellow agents Gertrude Baxter and Arthur Mann, Klaus must guard the medical experiment from the confines of a bed, while Arthur finds himself torn between his sexual leanings and his national loyalties.

Meanwhile, in France, Josef Bierstein, Jew and Resistance leader, is confronted by an old love and convinced into helping her save her brother from the Gestapo. Faced with an almost impossible challenge, but governed by his honour towards a promise, Josef finds himself having to embroil people he barely trusts into an audacious scheme to raid Gestapo headquarters. But there is betrayal in the air and the plot could destroy the whole Resistance in Rouen.

Far away in snowy Scotland, Charlotte is onto her next stage of SOE training. But an outbreak of flu, coupled with some bad choices, lead to discord that splits the trainees apart. And when a man is badly hurt there are rumours of murder. Charlotte has to work out who she really trusts and how important it is to her to get back to France and rejoin the fight for her country’s freedom.

Brave Hearts and Bayonets

1941, and the Nazi war machine is marching across Europe, sweeping away everything in its path. Josef Bierstein, head of the Rouen Resistance, is in hiding after recent skirmishes with the Gestapo, when an old friend from Paris asks for help. Josef is needed in the Netherlands where plans to disrupt the Nazi occupation are heating up. His old friend is calling in a favour, asking Josef to make his way to Amsterdam and help encourage a strike that might just raise attention to the crisis affecting the Jews in the city. Josef agrees to go, little realising how dangerous his mission will become and the peril he will place himself and his entire organisation in. His only hope will be to rely on unlikely allies and take risks he never could have foreseen.

In Britain, ex-Wehrmacht soldier, Klaus Ribbonkoff is working for the Secret Intelligence Service. They need someone to keep an eye on a raid to the Lofoten Islands to destroy fish oil factories. The mission is going to be a decisive one for the newly formed commandos and Klaus is to masquerade as a translator. An unwelcome guest on the operation, Klaus has to endeavour to prove himself to his comrades, while also working to gather vital intelligence for the British.

For Charlotte Guilliot, the war is drawing closer as she comes to the end of her SOE training. But, so near to her objective of being an agent, she is confronted with a dilemma when news reaches her that her missing father is in Cornwall. Charlotte’s father is wanted by the police and the intelligence services, she has not seen him in over a year and has mixed feelings towards him. Yet, as she contemplates undertaking the most dangerous work of her life, the desire to say a potentially final goodbye to her father is too strong. Will Charlotte risk everything to trace a man she no longer recognises?

As Josef, Klaus and Charlotte fight their own respective battles in war-torn Europe, their lives inevitably intertwine and their adventures become a matter of life or death. There is no knowing what is around the corner or who can be truly trusted.

Twisted Lies and Treachery

The Nazi war machine continues to march across Europe but, on a quiet airfield in Germany, a solo pilot is about to change the course of history. As Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess climbs into his personal aeroplane none of the ground crew are prepared for the drama about to unfurl as Hess flies to Scotland in the hopes of making peace between Germany and Britain.

On leave in London, Klaus, SIS agent and former Wehrmacht soldier is hoping for a little peace and quiet. Instead he finds himself summoned to Scotland, to interview a man no one can really believe is the real Deputy Fuhrer. His journey proves fortuitous as Klaus spots an old friend in trouble and comes up with a daring plan to help him.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is summoned for her first SOE mission; to go to France to sabotage an electric transformer station. Her companions in the scheme prove to be less than exemplary agents and soon the plan begins to unravel. Charlotte finds herself betrayed and running for her life.

Also in France, Josef learns that his close friend Benoit has set out on a foolhardy attempt to assassinate a member of the Vichy government and desperately chases him cross-country to prevent disaster. It is only when he is far from home that he learns of the horrible crimes against Jews happening in Paris and a new resolve comes over him. Josef cannot abandon his fellow Jews without at least trying to aid them.

In the latest adventure from Sebastian Jones, the stories of Klaus, Charlotte and Josef continue to play out against a backdrop of violence, betrayal and terror. As the war takes a darker turn, all three must learn to make tough decisions. None will escape this war without blood on their hands.

Cruel Dreams and Communism

Germany has invaded Russia. The war has taken a new turn, with the Soviets now the latest victims of Hitler’s power-mad dash across Europe. For all the nations involved in the conflict, the news brings surprise, confusion and more questions.

For Josef Bierstein and his Resistance organisation in France, Hitler’s betrayal of his Russian allies looks likely to open new doors. The French Communists need no longer ‘play nice’. toeing the line set down by Stalin that they must not disrupt the Nazi war machine. Now they can fight and they are ready to hit back hard. Josef knows it is better to work with the Communists then to work against them, but can they be trusted? Are their goals the same as his or will working together on a mission to bring a free press to Rouen be the biggest mistake Josef has ever made? His life and the lives of many others hang in the balance of his decision. How many friends is he prepared to betray to achieve his desires?

For Charlotte Guilliot, her biggest concern is getting back to France and saving her country from tyranny. But nothing is to go to plan as she is sent on her second mission for SOE. Disaster strikes almost at once and a badly injured Charlotte finds herself thrown on the mercy of a German army captain. Will he believe her fanciful story of a betrayed wife looking for her German husband, or will he give her up to the Gestapo? What Charlotte does not know is that the captain has his own terrible secret to hide.

And what of Klaus back in England? He must face the consequences of his actions. On trial for assaulting a prisoner of war, he can only wonder what the future holds for him. Will he end up in prison, or can a resolution be found to enable him to keep serving the British?