Red Raven Podcast, Episode #3

Red Raven Publications Podcast

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Episode #3 (April 2018)

Show Notes

Better late then never, the podcast we recorded from last year is now released!

In this episode, we discuss the biology of whale digestion. The Raven’s ongoing D&D campaign (Trudie character is quite disturbing). We discussed the finer points of U-boats vs submarines, The possibility of getting rid of 1p and 2p pieces, the morality of Domnios pizza donations, Shakespeare Birthday and the sad loss of Dale Winton.

Book Reviews

Trudie has been reading A Grim Almanac of Norfolk by Neil R Storey. Brian talks about To Lose a Battle: France 1940 by Alistair Horne. Nicholas has been nerding out with the 5th Edition Dungeon and Dragons source books. Sophie discusses the U-Boat War by
Lothar-Gunther Buchheim.

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