Red Raven Podcast, Episode #1

Red Raven Publications Podcast

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Episode #1 (January 2018)

Show Notes

In the first episode of Red Raven Publications podcast, the ravens discuss their New Year’s Resolutions, the thieving of chocolate supplies in the office, abseiling down church towers, J.R.R Tolkein’s 126th birthday and the ongoing personal weight loss battles some of the team face.

In the book reviews section:

Brian discusses the Jake Boulder Mysteries by Graham Smith. Trudie discusses Pompeii by Mary Beard and her plans to go to Italy to see the lost city for herself. While Sophie talks about My life as a Yorkshire Vet by Julian Norton and My Sister’s Grave (Tracy Crosswhite Series) by Robert Dugoni.

The podcast wraps up with the story of the first use of DNA evidence in a police investigation in Britain, the recent problems with Intel’s chips and how our computers are all at risk (fortunately, Nicholas offers some advice on how to keep our data safe), a volcano erupting in Papua New Guinea and whether pouring oil on trouble waters really works.


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